Dear Members, Relatives and Friends of the Leichnitz Family

The Leichnitz Family is small but fine, and quite exclusive. I estimate that today there are about 400 living persons around the world who bear our family name, including name variations as Lechnitz, Leichnetz, Leichner, Likeness, Lechmitz, Lechmyc, Leichmitz, Leichmic, Lejchmitz and Lejchmic. My father, Werner Erich Guenther Leichnitz (1909-1989) had spent decades of years carefully researching our family history, and published his knowledge in 1963 (Deutsches Geschlechterbuch, Vol. 133 "Westpreussen 3", edited 1964 by Verlag C.A. Starke, Limburg an der Lahn, Germany.

As I am now retired myself, I decided to continue his work. I direct my efforts on one hand to fill gaps in the relationship records of former generations, and on the other hand to update family data of the younger generations living today, and to integrate them into our family community.

In these efforts, I closely cooperate with our cousin Earl Eric Schultz in Canada, who has conducted intensive research in our family over many years. We may say that together we have the largest database about the Leichnitz family in the world. From this, other members of our family community may profit.

We invite all of you to contact us. We hope that everyone will support us in our research activities. We will also be happy to assist you finding your relationship as a descendant of our ancestor Christoff Lechnitz, and searching for other relatives. We have very good reasons to believe that all bearers of our name descend from Christoff Lechnitz and so far are all related to each other.

We have prepared a number of info pages concerning historic and actual topics of our family. The following pages can be provided on request:


Please contact me directly, and I hope to enter into a fruitful communication with you.

Werner Leichnitz
Bismarckstrasse 77
D-57076 Siegen

Email: familie.leichnitz@gmx.net